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At De La Mer, we bring our neighbours the freshest and highest quality seafood from around the world! We are proud to offer a large selection of naturally raised, sustainably caught or farmed fresh fish and seafood options. Our crew maintains rigorous quality control with meticulous handling practices and daily deliveries from our suppliers to ensure that you get the best products that meet our highest standard of freshness and taste

Do you want to know more about specific types of fish, cooking methods, or pairings? Ask us! Not only can we help you with your selection, but we can also give suggestions on recipes, sauces, marinades, and accompaniments that will make any meal perfect.  Also, the lemon is always on us!





We are a proud Oceanwise partner.

Please ask us any questions you may have about where your seafood came from and how it was produced. At De La Mer, we are vigilant caretakers of the earth in all we do and we share our knowledge to better our world.

 A sample of the sustainable products we carry are:

Ocean Wise™ Sustainably Raised Salmon
Ocean Wise™ Pacific Halibut

Black Cod
PEI Mussels
Sea Scallops
Nova Scotian Haddock
Ontario  rainbow trout, pickerel, and white perch.
And much more

Products vary based on seasonality.

Our famous house-crafted Cold Smoked Salmon

House-smoked fish, including our Cajun Salmon Jerky and Maple Salmon Bacon

Hearty and delicious chowders, soups, and stocks

Our mouth-watering dip selection

Entertaining platters - Enjoy our house smoked fish or cocktail shrimp ready to go for you and your guests!

Oysters, as is or “popped” so you look like a superstar shucker!
Salmon burgers, crab cakes, seafood quiches, and more…



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